Horreum Competence User Guide

Horreum Competence is a resource management Jira add-on that helps you distinguish your resources’ strength, track the velocity of your team’s evolvent and multi-project resource planning

Horreum Competence User Guide

Installation process

To install Horreum Competence, visit it on Atlassian Marketplace.

Click on the “Get it now” button for the installation and start using your free app.

You can also find Horreum Competence via Jira Settings page and Atlassian Marketplace for Jira.

Just click on "Find new apps" and search the Marketplace for Horreum Competence.

Image: Find new apps

Make sure you installed Horreum Competence by checking the Manage apps page at



When using Horreum Competence, you need no extra tools. It’s based on your user’s profiles in Jira. It is important to point out that all user data is safely stored in Jira and it won’t be altered by using Horreum Competence. Also Horreum Competence is enabled to support Jira in German and Spanish language, and if you choose to view Jira in these two languages, Horreum Competence will be translated also. For more information on multi-language support click here.

Horreum Competence supports two roles: Admin and User.

Note that roles are set by default and inherited from your Jira instance.

Please follow this guide further for a detailed explanation of both roles’ features.

Admin role

The Admin role is meant for management personnel and to access the Horreum Competence Admin role view you have to have the appropriate Jira permissions from your Jira administrator.

When logged in as an Admin, click on Jira Settings on the left side Jira window menu, go to System and then scroll down to find Horreum Competence settings section.

Image: Horreum Compentence

As a Horreum Competence Admin, you gain access to the following features:

  • Group
  • Skill
  • Suggested Skills
  • Seniority levels
  • Users
  • Search
  • Org Chart

The admin home screen is as shown on the screenshot below.

The Group feature

Groups screen will be initially shown when you access Horreum Competence Settings as an Admin. By clicking on the  button a dialog for adding a new user group is prompted.

There, you can name your user group and define skills to create an ideal group skillset. When you’re finished defining skills, click .

The group is now created, and it will appear on the Group page. You can edit or delete groups if you need to.

To edit the group click on . And make changes to the group according to your needs. The number of skills that can be added to one group skillset is not limited. Clicking on finishes the edition process.

To delete the group click the button and confirm or cancel your deletion.

Skills feature

Skills feature enables the Admin to create a list of desirable skills related to different work positions.


By clicking on  you will be prompted with a box where the skill can be named and then added on a list by clicking on .

A newly created skill will be added to the list of skills on the Skill page from where it can be edited or deleted.

When a new skill has been created you can add it to an existing group of skills by clicking on the  button. A pop-up window will show a drop-down list of existing groups for you to choose from.

Select the appropriate one, and click on  button. You have now successfully added a new skill to the skill group.

To edit skills, click on, and change the skill’s name.  

If you wish to delete a skill from the list, click  and confirm your action when prompted.

Suggested skills feature

When users add new skills to their profiles, skills they’ve added will show up on the suggested skill list for Admin’s approval. Admin will see which user suggested a certain skill and will have the option to perform two actions: Approve or Reject the skill in question.

By clicking on user will get the skill suggested on his profile and have the chance to do the self-evaluation.

If is clicked, Admin will be prompted to confirm or cancel his decision to reject the skill suggested by a user.

Seniority levels feature

This feature helps you define the levels of seniority in your company. By clicking on  you can add a seniority level of your choosing. Name it and click  for the level to appear on the list.

When a seniority level is added, you can either edit it or delete it by choosing to click the appropriate button.

Users feature

Users feature lists all Jira users of your company, their seniority levels, positions and superiors.

This is where the Admin chooses the seniority level previously entered on the Seniority levels page and assigns it to a specific user, by selecting the appropriate level from the drop-down list next to the user name.

The Admin can change a user’s work position by simply doing an inline edit of the position field.

Changes made in the seniority level and position fields automatically trigger an or  action for Admin to choose in consideration to his needs.

To assign a Superior to a User click on the drop-down list under Superiors column, choose the appropriate person, and confirm it by clicking on  .

Assigning superiors to users ultimately helps you easily configure the Org chart of your company.

Org Chart feature


The Org Chart is generated automatically by Horreum Competence. Superiors you’ve assigned on the Users page along with their subordinates will show up in the Org chart and for your company structure.

However, if you happen to miss out on someone, a complete list of users is available on the screen and from that list, you can drag and drop the user into the Org chart. Just click on the user in question and drag their profile picture onto their superior profile picture field. Drop the user there and they will automatically show up under their superior’s branch in the Org chart.

Search feature

As Admin you have at your disposal to search for Horreum Competence users from the general search field or with the help of advanced search filters.

Type the term you want to search for, for example, a username or a part of a username, click the magnifying glass button and if such username exists it will show up in your search results.

On the search results page, you can edit user preferences the same way you did on the User page.

Two filters are available in the advanced search drop-down menu and they allow you to limit your search results by seniority level and position.

If you type in your search term and select either one of the filters from the drop-down menu, after clicking on the magnifying glass, your search results will be adjusted and show only users matching all the given inputs: text term and the appropriate seniority or position.

User role

To access Horreum Competence as a User, click on the Horreum Competence option in the Jira Software menu.

Next, you will see your personal profile page, with your basic info: username, email address, seniority level you’ve achieved and your work position.

Adding a new skill to your profile

To add a new skill to you Horreum Competence profile click  button. A small window will show up where you will be able to enter a new skill. Clicking  will notify the Admin who will see your skill as a suggestion and will have to approve it or reject it.


To evaluate your skills, choose the appropriate skill group related to your work position from the Select group drop-down menu.

When a group is selected, all skills belonging to the selected group of skills will appear next to an evaluation scale ranging from 1 to 10.

Assess your skills according to your knowledge. Click  to save your self-evaluation.

Refresh the page to see the changes you made to your profile. After a successful self-evaluation, a skills performance chart will appear on the profile page.

The skills list is located in the vertical axis. Click on the skill to see your progress on a chart through time, measured yearly and presented on the horizontal axis.

By clicking on a chosen skill the chart will change depending on progress made.

Search feature

As a User, you can search Horrum Competence for other users from the general search filed located in the upper right of your profile page.

Type the term you want to search for, for example, a username or a part of a username, click the magnifying glass button and if such username exists it will show up in your search results.

If you choose to do an advanced search, you will have the “by position” filter at your disposal.

Typing in your search term and select the “by position” filter from advanced search drop-down menu, after clicking on the magnifying glass, will adjust your search results and only users matching all the given inputs: text term and the appropriate position, will be shown.

As a User, you have only viewing permissions.

Integration details

Horreum Competence integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Administer the host application
  • Administer Confluence spaces
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application
  • Write data to the host application
  • Read data from the host application